1. If Your Company Design Needs An Upgrade, Blue Dog’s Design Team Can Help

    In our previous blog we told you all about three different ways that your design can subtly tell your customers that you’re out of date. The fonts and colors you use can be a turnoff to many customers, even if they can’t articulate it. And using old stock images can be a surefire way to tell everyone who looks at your marketing materials that you haven’t spent the time or money to hire a pro…Read More

  2. Does Your Company Image Need An Overhaul? Contact Our Graphic Design Team!

    For most people who don’t work in the printing industry, design changes so gradually that they only think of it in terms of decades. Changing house design tells you that split level homes aren’t popular now, clothing design tells you that legwarmers are out. And hoop earrings...we’re not sure. They’re here, they’re gone, they’re back again... If there’s one thing we know here at Blue…Read More

  3. 3 Website Design Changes That Can Get You More Customers

    For those of you who remember the early days of the World Wide Web, you probably cringe when you see something that looks like these horrible sites. After all, those designs are so...old! They're busy, impossible to navigate, and just ugly. What we’re saying is, website design has changed a lot over the years. If your website is looking a little dated, here are a few changes Blue Dog Graphics ca…Read More

  4. Always Have Something For a Customer To Take Home With Them

    Your website is incredibly important to your business, and is often the first contact that a customer will have with you. But what if they haven’t been to your website? Meeting a new customer and leaving them with the phrase “just visit our website” isn’t a good idea: your address will leave their mind and they might never follow up with you. That’s why it’s important to leave them wit…Read More

  5. Beat the Rush and Get Your Holiday Cards Started

      Though it’s still hot here in Hackensack, fall is just around the corner. After all, September can bring some cold temperatures, and then suddenly it’s Halloween/Thanksgiving/Insert Your Religious Holiday Here. If you’re the kind of person who likes to have a special card for every upcoming holiday, you’re in luck. At Blue Dog Graphics, we can help you get personalized cards that are in…Read More

  6. Blue Dog Graphics’ Community Involvement

    Blue Dog Graphics has been serving Hackensack for more than 30 years now, and many of us who work here were born and raised right here. You don’t stay in one place that long without being a big part of the community. Because the city and surrounding area have been so good to our print shop for so long, it only makes sense that we’d want to give back to the community and play a part in how it g…Read More

  7. Employees Love Custom Printed T-Shirts and Other Swag!

      Employees like raises, employees like more vacation...but those things can put a strain on a small business’ bottom line. When you can’t give employees the big things they want, why not give them something else they crave: appreciation. One of the best ways to show employees appreciation (besides kind words, of course) is to give them swag. And by swag we mean company-branded good stuff, li…Read More

  8. How Does Our Print Shop Stay Green?

    Here at Blue Dog Graphics, we can print any color imaginable. But one of our favorite colors is green, because that’s what we strive for when it comes to our environmental impact. We’re constantly looking for ways that we can place a smaller footprint on the world, and have taken many steps to better the world we all share. Here are a few of the ways that we’ve improved our print shop practi…Read More

  9. Celebrate in Style With Professional Invitations From Your Local Printer!

    While email, chat, and texting have taken over most of the world, the letter isn’t dead. In fact, it’s becoming more and more important, because the average person’s mail contains zero personal pieces of correspondence in a given day...which makes the one they do receive get noticed even more! That’s why you need personalized invitations from your local print shop. Blue Dog Graphics has be…Read More

  10. Our Print Shop Offers The Best In Digital Design

    Are you thinking of doing your own design for your business? If so, you might want to think about getting a second opinion. After all, design isn’t something to be messed with. People Notice Bad Design Poor design is something that people notice. Even worse, it’s something that can be mocked. If your poster, flyer, banner, website, or sign is poorly designed, it can actively make people distru…Read More