1. Interesting Printing Methods Presented By Your Hackensack Print Shop

    In a world where printing 200 copies of a missing pet poster is as easy as quickly stopping by our Hackensack print shop, it can be hard to remember that there are other forms of printing besides offset printing and digital printing. While some forms of printing simply do not have a lot to do with paper, and others have been phased out by technological advances, there are still a lot of cool and i…Read More

  2. Hackensack Legal Printing Services

    As a firm within the legal industry, you likely have a busy schedule. You have to meet with clients, build cases, and articulate appeals on the behalf of your client — leaving you no time to print and copy your important documents. Luckily, there is a solution. At Blue Dog Graphics we offer legal printing services that are second to none. What makes us one of the best legal printing companies in…Read More

  3. The 4 Most Common Print Shop Services

    When people think of printing services in Hackensack, they commonly think of two services — printing and copying. While yes, those are the two main arenas in which we operate, we like to think that we do a lot more than simply print and scan copies. Especially with all the different kinds of printing and copying that we do. In today’s blog, we are going to briefly discuss a few of the most com…Read More

  4. Large Format Printing Projects

    When it comes to different types of printing projects, the names can become rather confusing. For example, poster printing and large format printing are not the same things — even if they are larger than average printing projects. Poster printing and large format printing tend to differ in dimensions, while they remain similar in printing methodology. So if large format printing is larger than a…Read More

  5. Print Marketing Ideas Brought To You By Your Local Hackensack Print Shop

    Print Marketing Ideas Brought To You By Your Local Hackensack Print Shop

    If you own a business in the Hackensack area you likely are always on the lookout for a new marketing strategy that can take your already successful business to the next step. You have probably tried a number of different digital techniques that are doing a great job, but you could always supplement the marketing campaigns that you already have in place with some extra guerilla marketing strategie…Read More

  6. Halloween Is Approaching, Have You Taken Care Of Your Printing Needs?

    You might be thinking “What does printing have to do with Halloween?”, and you are right to think that — it is not immediately clear the things that our Hackensack print shop can do for you. Because of this, we would like to discuss a few of the ways that you can utilize our printing services this upcoming Halloween! Stay tuned as your local source for printing services in Hackensack discuss…Read More

  7. Printing Services Hackensack – Choosing A Home Printer

    As a provider of printing services to the Hackensack area, we here at Blue Dog Graphics understand the need for both a professional printing partner, as well as a personal home printer for your simpler printing needs. By all means, when you need 200 fliers printed from an upcoming event, come to see us, but if you only need one or two sheets printed, you may not want to leave the comfort of your h…Read More

  8. Frequently Asked Printing Questions Answered By Your Provider Of Printing Services In Hackensack

    As a print shop here in Hackensack we know a thing or two about the kind of questions that our customers might have when it comes to their upcoming printing project, because of that, we thought that we might make it a little easier on your by answering some of the most common digital printing and offset printing questions that people ask. In today’s blog post we will be discussing some of the mo…Read More

  9. What People Have to Say About Our Copy Center In Hackensack

    What People Have to Say About Our Copy Center In Hackensack

    At Blue Dog Graphics, we love working with our local Hackensack community to create vibrant prints and copies — heck, we even love making black and white copies as well. Because we enjoy working with our community, we care a great deal what our community has to say about us. In today’s blog post, your local copy center and print shop is going to discuss what our customers have to say about us …Read More

  10. Things To Consider As You Design Shirts For Your Business

    Often times people see t-shirt design as a simple “pick a logo” and “pick a t-shirt” process when in reality it is much more complex — especially if you are designing the shirts with the intent to use them in a professional capacity. Here at Blue Dog Graphics, we specialize in bringing the art of t-shirt printing to Hackensack, NJ — so why not let us help you develop your ideas? If you…Read More