1. Breaking the Mold of Traditional Print Shops

    Blue Dog Graphics: Breaking The Mold Of Traditional Print Shops

    First things first, you are probably wondering what constitutes a print shop “breaking the mold” of the traditional shop. While we are radically changing to stay on top of all of our customer's needs, before they know that they have them, we still offer the traditional printing services to Hackensack. If you need poster printing, offset printing, digital printing, or large format printing, we …Read More

  2. Five Reasons To Print Locally

    Five Reasons To Print Locally

    Printing is a service that everybody needs at some point in their life whether it be for the occasional personal project or to meet everyday business needs. Luckily, printing services can be found just about anywhere, with multiple different print shops competing for your business both locally, nationally, and internationally. The point is, as a consumer with printing needs, you have options. That…Read More

  3. Wedding Season Is Here, Our Printing Services In Hackensack Can Help

    As the snow starts to melt away and the grass begins to grow greener, a certain sound begins to fill the air. While it might take you a minute or two to put your thumb on it, you will soon realize that it is the sound of wedding bells finding their way to your eardrums. When you realize that the melodic sound that you are hearing is in fact wedding bells, one of two things will happen. The first p…Read More

  4. Blue Dog Graphics, Your Home For Copies And Large-Scale Printing

    At Blue Dog Graphics, we offer a multitude of services — with some of the better-known being t-shirt printing, graphic design, web design, legal copy services, general printing services, copy services and invitation cards — but we do more than just that here in Hackensack. The most overlooked services that we offer are our large-scale printing and copy services, where we can duplicate or produ…Read More

  5. Rebranding: Your Hackensack Print Shop Can Help

    There are various reasons that someone might see the need to rebrand their company, whether it is simply to keep up with the times, or to dynamically increase business revenue. Rebranding can drastically change the wellbeing of a company or business.  Here at Blue Dog Graphics, we take pride in being a print shop that can not only take care of your offset printing, digital printing, and large for…Read More

  6. What Offset Printing Can Do For Your Hackensack Business Today

    In a world where everything is going digital, there is one printing method that we think will never die. We are talking about offset printing, a service that we provide to both businesses and individuals here in Hackensack. Here in our print shop, we still utilize the offset printing methods that were originally discovered in the 1870s — the only difference is that now we use much more modern ma…Read More

  7. How Custom T-Shirts Can Benefit Your Business or Organization

    T-shirts are a true American symbol… a symbol of comfort, freedom, creativity, and more comfort! Not only is the t-shirt a symbol, but they can also be used for various activities such as marketing, customer satisfaction, retail sales, and events. While people may disagree with our last statement regarding the effectiveness of t-shirts, we would be willing to bet they own more than a couple t-sh…Read More

  8. Blue Dog Graphics: Your One-Stop Wedding Print Shop

    Like a candle trying to reignite after being snuffed out,  winter is slowly dwindling, progressively becoming spring.  The emergence of flowers and the warmer temperatures mean two things to us here at Blue Dog Graphics, and those things are that summer is close and wedding season is even closer! While it’s a little cliche, everybody wants their wedding to be on a warm spring day with wildflow…Read More

  9. Things to Consider When You Buy Printer Paper

    Most people think printer paper is well… printing paper. While that is not wrong, there are multiple kinds of printer paper that are specialized to fit certain project needs. You may be thinking, “Why would I care about what type of paper I’m using?”. You might not care about the type of paper that you're using, but others might because, believe it or not, paper can make a statement. In th…Read More

  10. 6 ways That Blue dog Graphics Can Help Your Business Kick Off The New Year

    It’s the new year, and we all have a couple of resolutions that we may or may not actually stay true to. While most of you probably just thought about the ever-so-popular “start working out” or “it’s finally time to eat healthy” resolutions, we were thinking about something a little more practical here at Blue Dog Graphics; work on bettering your business. It is often hard to think of …Read More