1. How To Choose A Wedding Invitation

    Ahh, your wedding day. One of the most exciting, yet stressful, days of your life. There are so many things to do to plan your wedding, and at any point in time, you will likely feel as if you are already way behind. In an effort to make things easier on you, your one stop shop for wedding printing, Blue Dog Graphics, has decided to discuss a few of the things that you should think about as your c…Read More

  2. Five Things To Keep In Mind As Your Design Your T-Shirt

    As your local source of t-shirt printing in Hackensack, we here at Blue Dog Graphics know a thing or two about t-shirt printing and design. Because of that, we thought we would share a couple of the things that we found to be the most important considerations when you are designing your custom t-shirts. Regardless of the reason that you are designing a custom t-shirt, you want it to look good. Whe…Read More

  3. Designing A Stellar Event Poster

    While you might have scoffed at the idea of this blog discussing how to properly design an event poster, we believe it is a lost art and want to share it with you. Yes, we know that you have been a poster pro since middle school, but we aren't talking about your average Microsoft Word Art center aligned on an 8 ½ by 11-inch piece of white paper — we are talking about a poster that will actually…Read More

  4. Tips & Tricks for your next trip to the copy center

    Tips & Tricks For Your Next Trip To The Copy Center

    There are a million reasons that you might need copies mand, and each reason is adequate enough to come down to Blue dog Graphics, your local copy center in Hackensack. Whether you need a handout made for your upcoming lecture or community meeting, or if you have lost your pet and need copies to post on street lights, we are here for you. Color copies, black and white copies, postcard copies, post…Read More

  5. School Is Back. Are You Ready?

    Summer has finally begun to wain, and for many of you, school has already started again. It is likely that you are sad that summer has passed, but at least you don’t have to work your summer job anymore — if we are looking for a silver lining, that is. Now that school is back in session, it is likely that you might be coming into your local provider of printing services in Hackensack, Blue Dog…Read More

  6. T-Shirt Printing Tips

    There are a number of reasons that you might be interested in printing t-shirts in the Hackensack area. You might be a business owner that needs some cheap, yet aesthetically appealing work uniforms for your employees. You could be in a corporate management position and are coordinating a team-building employee retreat that mandates commemorative shirts. You could be a new club in town that needs …Read More

  7. Businesses That Can Benefit From Large Format Printing

    Large format printing is something that most people will use a couple of times in their life. Typically, people tend to outsource their printing needs to companies, like ours, that offer printing services in Hackensack, only needing a project completed every year or so. On the other hand, there are companies that use or require, large format printing often, increasing the likelihood that they will…Read More

  8. Presentation Printing: Getting Ready To Present To A Class Or Seminar

    Do you have a big presentation coming up? Have you considered creating some visual aids, printouts for the attendees, or fliers to advertise for the event? If you haven't, we urge you to come down to our Hackensack print shop to discuss some printing options with our team. In today’s blog post, Blue Dog Graphics, your local source of printing services in Hackensack, will be discussing a few idea…Read More

  9. Digital Printing Vs. Offset Printing: What Is The Difference?

    A lot of the time, when people come into our store and ask about our printing services in Hackensack, they tend to not know the type of printing that they want, just that they want it printed. There are a wide variety of different printing techniques, and each one has its benefits and deficits — making them good for specific types of printing jobs. While there are a number of different printing …Read More

  10. Why You Might Need Help From Our Copy Center In Hackensack

    We live in an age of technology, with practically anything we need being available at the tips of your fingers. While we have access to almost anything that we need — whenever we need it — there are certain things that our personal home-technologies still can’t handle. One of those things is large-scale copying. While in-home personal printers are often equipped with scanners and copiers the…Read More