1. Photo Printing: Summer Tips & Tricks

    It is summer now, and that means one thing — you are out and about making memories and taking photos. One of the best ways to preserve a memory, other than omega-3 fatty acids and brain exercises, is to print photos as often as possible, creating a hard-copy backup for your brain. At Blue Dog Graphics, your local print shop in Hackensack, we offer services ranging from offset printing to digital…Read More

  2. Blue Dog Graphics And Summer Camp Swag

    Most people can look back to their childhood and remember simpler times. The school bell rang signaling summer, therefore initiating the countdown until the day that you get to leave for summer camp. Sure, you were likely excited to be able to spend time doing things with others, meeting new people, and experiencing something new, but who knew you would get some free swag from camp? Camps often pr…Read More

  3. Frequently Asked Questions About Our Printing Services In Hackensack

    As a print shop in Hackensack, we tend to get quite a few questions about printing. Sure, some people are more interested in knowing what services that we offer or what it would cost for them to complete a particular printing job, but some people are more interested in the methodologies of our printing services, and how they work. In today’s blog post your provider of printing services in Hacken…Read More

  4. Five Reasons That Print Isn’t Dead

    In recent decades technology has progressed greatly, leading people to believe that communication methods like print were soon to be phased out. A couple decades later, people still believe that print media is not long for this world, but at Blue Dog Graphics we disagree. There is a reason that print media has been around for so long — it works. In today’s blog post Blue Dog Graphics, your sou…Read More

  5. T-Shirt Printers: Tips For Designing Company T-Shirts

    As we have talked about in one of our last blogs, t-shirts are an extremely beneficial form of marketing for a business, as it spreads your logo and name across town, building brand recognition for your company. As t-shirt printers, we have seen firsthand what a company t-shirt can do, and we would love to share that with yours. Today our printing company, Blue Dog Graphics, is going to discuss th…Read More

  6. custom employee appreciation gift ideas

    Custom Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

    At Blue Dog Graphics, we have always been well known as a local print shop that specializes in poster printing, offset printing, digital printing, and large format printing, but unless you have explored our website you might not know that we can custom print a multitude of different products. From pens to cheese boards to french presses to t-shirts, we can customize a large array of products. Cust…Read More

  7. Printing Services Hackensack: Blueprint Printing & All Things Business

    As a business owner, you have specific printing needs that likely outweigh the scope of your typical office printer. Whether that is because you need large format printing jobs completed or you need a high-quality digital print, the Blue Dog printing & design teams are here to help your business meet all of its printing needs. Today, Blue Dog Graphics, your source of printing services in Hacke…Read More

  8. Make custom tshirts this summer

    Five Reasons To Make Custom T-Shirts This Summer

    When the snow melts and the air becomes warmer, everyone knows that summertime has begun. Something that we love about summer here at Blue Dog Graphics, and something that we think most people would agree on, is that you get to ditch the parka for a comfortable t-shirt. T-shirts are incredibly comfortable and versatile, making them ideal for summer use, so why not try something new and design your…Read More

  9. Breaking the Mold of Traditional Print Shops

    Blue Dog Graphics: Breaking The Mold Of Traditional Print Shops

    First things first, you are probably wondering what constitutes a print shop “breaking the mold” of the traditional shop. While we are radically changing to stay on top of all of our customer's needs, before they know that they have them, we still offer the traditional printing services to Hackensack. If you need poster printing, offset printing, digital printing, or large format printing, we …Read More

  10. Five Reasons To Print Locally

    Five Reasons To Print Locally

    Printing is a service that everybody needs at some point in their life whether it be for the occasional personal project or to meet everyday business needs. Luckily, printing services can be found just about anywhere, with multiple different print shops competing for your business both locally, nationally, and internationally. The point is, as a consumer with printing needs, you have options. That…Read More