1. A Short History of the Photocopiers We Use In Our Copy Shop

    There are many types of printing in the world, and we have quite a few of them here at our copy shop! The primary method we use is offset printing, where the ink is rolled against the paper. Offset printing produces the highest quality and is mostly used for large orders. But we also do a lot of photocopying, a process that has an interesting history. That’s what we’re going to take a look at …Read More

  2. Why Choose High-Quality Color Printing Over Using the Office Printer?

    Thirty or forty years ago, black and white copy machines were making their way into libraries, schools, and office buildings. As they slowly replaced the mimeograph machines from the old days, people got used to the idea of having black and white copies and started thinking to themselves “wouldn’t it be nice if we could photocopy things in color?” It certainly seemed the next logical step. M…Read More

  3. Have A Marketing Company? You’ll Need A Print Shop

    Here are Blue Dog Graphics, we have a huge variety of customers. Some we’ve been working with for years, printing posters for their restaurants or storefronts. Others simply come in looking for t-shirt printing for a family reunion. And, of course, there’s the local service providers who want top-of-the-line business cards designed. No matter how large or small a job, we can make it happen. An…Read More

  4. What People Are Saying About Our Print Shop Here In Hackensack

    In our blogs, we’ve discussed many of the services you’ll find in our print shop. We’ve told you why it’s so important for a business to invest in color printing, and why shirt printing can be a great option when you want to get to the word out about an event. But though we’ve been discussing our printing and copy services, we’ve never taken the time to let our customers take the reign…Read More

  5. What To Look For In Local Printing Services

    In our most recent blog we discussed the advantages of going with a local printing company over one that’s across the country. After all, when you deal with a local printing company you can catch problems immediately, plus you don’t have to wait for all the time it takes to ship. Of course, you'll also get more personalized service at a local print shop. Today we ‘re going to talk about what…Read More

  6. 3 Advantages a Going With A Local Printer

    It’s no secret that there are other printers out there. Sure, 20 years ago you had no choice but to go with a local printer, but today there are so many options when it comes to finding a printing company to handle your brochure printing, custom t-shirts, and other printing services. But the internet has changed all of that, and now you have a choice...go with a local printer, or take your chanc…Read More

  7. What To Look For In Shirt Printing And Other Giveaways

    When you look around your home, there’s a good chance that you’ll find quite a bit of marketing hiding right under you nose. And we’re not just talking about the Coca-Cola glasses or the logo that lights up when you turns your TV on. We’re talking about all of those freebies you’ve gotten over the years: the magnet calendar on the fridge that came from your real estate agent, the pens yo…Read More

  8. Entice Customers Old and New With Blue Dog’s Design Services

    Who are you trying to entice with your design? It’s a question that not enough businesses ask themselves. Poster printing, custom t-shirts, and everything else you’ll find at a print shop can be colorful and look good to you, but if it isn’t enticing to your customers then there’s really no need to have it at all. That’s where our design services come in. Blue Dog Graphics would love to …Read More

  9. 3 More Places Sign and Poster Printing Will Help Your Business

    When most people think about color printing services for their business, they often think about their storefront. It’s important to invest in some poster printing for your windows in order to tell your customers why they should step in. You’ll want high-quality digital printing to put in front of them, whether that’s a menu or a list of services. And, of course, you’ll want good business c…Read More

  10. Good Signs and Good Design: Why The Right Printshop Matters

    If you have a retail business, you might think that the only marketing you have to do is on the web. After all, isn’t that where most marketing dollars go today? Well, if that were the case there’d be no billboards, no newspapers, no magazines, no flyers, and no store signage. Make no mistake, the need for printed material is alive and well. Our printshop is ready to improve your design across…Read More