1. How to Build your Brand Part 1

    Your brand represents you and your company.  It helps you stand out from your competitors, get more customers and make more money. So how do you build your brand?  There are four critical ways to building your brand. Advertise:  Most people feel that advertising is an unnecessary expense.  Actually it is a necessity and worthwhile investment to grow, sustain and stay in business.  If you knew…Read More

  2. Copyright Laws

    Copyright protection exists from the moment a work is created until 70 or more years after the authors death.  Only the author, or an agent of the author, can rightfully claim copyright. In the case of works made for hire, the employer—not the writer—is considered the author. The "First Sale Doctrine" (Section 109 of the Copyright Act), says that ownership of a physical copy of a copyright-p…Read More

  3. Trade Show Giveaways

    When you choose a giveaway at a trade show you want to draw attention to your booth and stand out from the competition.. Some sucessful ideas How many times have you been searching for a scrap piece of paper to quickly jot something down? Scratch pads and Post it Notes are useful promotional item that people will use at the trade show and keep by their desks at home. The reach on these extends eve…Read More

  4. Are you happy with your logo?

    Does your company needs a professional logo & brand identity? The short answer is YES!  A professionally designed logo will help differentiate you from your competitors and show your potential clients that you are professional, trustworthy and will be in business tomorrow. We create memorable logos that stand out and help give your brand a premium value.  A great logo tells customers what yo…Read More

  5. Business Cards

    Business cards have a long history. They date to the beginning of the 17th Century in England where they were known as trade cards. For many businesses, the cards were the primary form of advertising, featuring a name, an illustration that identified the business, and a map, since no formal street numbering system existed at that time. Send your cards out to be professionally printed. Nothing says…Read More

  6. Market Your Business – Part 2

    Partner with Other Companies Find sister companies in your area that will supplement what you do. If you’re a fitness center targeting health-conscious professionals, you could partner with a juice bar down the street. If you’re an accounting firm working with small-business owners, partner with a marketing business in your town. Finding other companies you can direct clients to and that will …Read More

  7. 5 ways to have a food truck at your wedding

    Wake up call  Start your day by having brunch driven in before everyone gets dressed up. Breakfast burritos, pastries, coffee and juices will make everyone smile, and you’ll make sure everyone’s eaten before the ceremony. Between the scenes  If there’s lag time between your ceremony and reception, bring in the food trucks! Treat guests carnival-theme treats like pronto pups, giant pretzels…Read More

  8. Ways to Market Your Business – Part 1

    Everyone’s pushing online marketing today — and with good reason, since being seen online is a crucial part of any effective marketing strategy today. There’s just one problem with this online focus: unless it’s paired with other offline strategies, it’s not as effective as it could be. See, here’s the thing: sometimes in the name of search marketing, email marketing, social media and …Read More

  9. 6 Business Card tips

    Many people overlook the value of having a professional business card that accurately reflects your brand image, yet this small piece of paper can be an important part of your collateral package. It's often the first item prospects receive from you, so it's your first opportunity to make a strong, positive impression on them. The preponderance of do-it-yourself online business-card printing compan…Read More

  10. Blue Dog is GREEN!

    Blue Dog is GREEN! At Blue Dog graphics we recycle paper and boxes.  We also lower our carbon impact on the world by installing new energy efficient LED lighting and buying Energy Star rated equipment. If you have paper or boxes to recycle please bring it down and we will recycle it for you at no charge.  If you have 8 1/2" x 11" paper that is printed on one side bring it in and we will make mem…Read More