What People Have to Say About Our Copy Center In Hackensack

At Blue Dog Graphics, we love working with our local Hackensack community to create vibrant prints and copies — heck, we even love making black and white copies as well. Because we enjoy working with our community, we care a great deal what our community has to say about us. In today’s blog post, your local copy center and print shop is going to discuss what our customers have to say about us — because our customers’ words are testament to the quality of our services.

Stay tuned today as we discuss a few of the things that our customers have said about us.

Francene – 5 Star Review

“I work in an office where the attorneys can be demanding and Blue Dog Graphics always rise to the occasion and meet the demand. The office staff is efficient, courteous and always go that extra mile for their customers. The owner, Donald Perlman, takes the time to know his customers, their needs and is thoughtful enough to even pick up orders. His Blue Dog logo is very telling – Blue Dog Graphics is a Blue Ribbon Champion in my book. Thank you, Donald and staff, for all the great work and great service throughout these many years.”

Francene, thank you so much for your kind words, we are extremely happy to hear that you have had such a good experience with us. Here at Blue Dog Graphics, we love clients of every kind. Whether you are coming in for a small job, or a demanding legal copy just such as you oftentimes deal with, you will always be greeted by the face of a smiling Blue Dog Graphics Employee. We look forward to seeing you on your next visit.

Donald – 5 Star Review

“Blue Dog Graphics service, friendly staff and quality has kept us working with him for over 25 years.”

Donald, thank you for your kind review, and even more importantly, thank you for your business. We are more than lucky to have had you as a customer for so long. We look forward to continuing our business with you, whether that be for copies, color printing, blueprint printing, or any other odd end printing job that you might have.

Mike – 5 Star Review

“Did an excellent job on my promotional postcards for my office. I highly recommend them.”

Mike, we appreciate your kind words. Thank you so much for doing business with us. Additionally, thank you for bringing up the fact that we made postcards for you. In addition to simple copy center tasks and printing tasks, we also work with heavier forms of paper stock like business cards and postcards. So what are you waiting for? If you have a project in mind, come to visit us and let’s get started!

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At Blue Dog Graphics, we love creating things for our local community. Whether you need color copies, printing, or even graphic design services, we would love to help you. We like to think that we do a pretty good job of taking care of our customers, and luckily, they agree with us. For more information on what we can do for you here at Blue Dog Graphics, we urge you to contact us or visit our website.

We look forward to working with you.

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