When you think of marketing giveaways for a business, what do you think of? The first thing that comes to most people’s minds are custom t-shirts, because we’ve all done our share of “I’ve never heard of that business before, and that guy’s wearing their logo” experiences. The next most common types of business promotional items would be pens, lip balm, coffee mugs, lanyards…just about anything you’ll walk away with from a corporate event.

If you have any sort of promotional event coming up — a parade, a convention, a job fair — you’re going to be up against a lot of other companies vying for customers’ attentions. That’s why you’ll want to find something that stands out from the rest while keeping your budget where you want it. Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting corporate promotional items you can find.

Branded Candy

What draws people to a particular table at a convention? Three things: product, banners, and candy. Look at that, Blue Dog Graphics can handle two of those! But if someone takes candy from your booth, you aren’t going to be any more memorable than anyone else…unless you have your candy branded. We can do that, whether you’re looking for jelly beans, gum, mints, or more.

It’s a similar situation with parades. Kids are grabbing all of the candy they can, and neither the kids nor adults are remembering who’s passing it out. Why not give them candy that’s been branded so that the parents who are stealing…uh, we mean, inspecting…their kids’ candy can have your logo in front of them at least once more.

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos have some distinct advantages. First of all, they can be a great option when someone is looking for something other than candy (such as if your business is a weight loss product). Second, they’re something people will take with them; they’ll be interacted with later, getting your company logo in their mind once more. Third, they can be quite noticeable, and they’re something that people are strangely interested in showing other people. “Hey, look at me, I got a tattoo!” Kids also enjoy them because it lets them feel grown up.

Of course, the most important aspect of a temporary tattoo is that they are well designed. No one is going to put a tattoo on their arm that is just the name of your company. The name needs to be subtle and the image needs to be king. Our graphic design department would love to help you get that perfect design that stands out, whether you use it for years or just for a single event.

Fidget Spinners

Man, these things came out of nowhere, didn’t they? Nine months ago no one had heard of them, and today they’re at the checkout line at the grocery store. Now would be a great time to use it as a promotional giveaway before they become too ubiquitous. Strike while the iron is hot so that your potential clients will carry it around or maybe keep it in their car. We have them for under $2 a piece when purchased in bulk.

Hand Sanitizer

At a convention there’s a lot of interaction with people, whether that’s the exchanging of business cards or just accidentally bumping into people constantly. Of course, there are also some handshakes thrown into the mix, and that where hand sanitizers come into play.

Branded hand sanitizer is a one-two punch that you’re looking for in promotional items. It’s the perfect accompaniment that people will use both on the floor and after they take it home.

Hot Sauce

20 years ago you couldn’t find much more than Tabasco at the average grocery store, and it was just kept over there near the condiments. Today there are entire shelves devoted to them at groceries, one with the condiments and one in the Latin Foods section. Some people drag out a hot sauce at every meal. Maybe it used to be just for tacos, but today people put in on sandwiches, chili, turkey, soup, bacon, chicken salad, and just about everything else.

Now we’re not saying that you’ll be able to pass a branded hot sauce out to absolutely everyone who stops by a booth at a convention (and for goodness sake, don’t throw them out at a parade!). But there will be certain customers who you really want to impress, and a custom hot sauce label will go a long way to keeping you at the forefront of their mind.

Beach Balls

Custom-branded beach balls, whether they’re six inches in diameter or two feet wide, will end up just about anywhere. First of all, kids love inflatable balls of all sorts, which means they’re going to stick around your potential client’s home for a long time. Of course, many adults like having them around the office as well, because they can be tossed around without much fear of knocking stuff over. Either way, your logo is going to be batted around for some time to come.


Okay, what’s the weather like during an average parade? Sunny and hot. And what happens in a convention center when there are hundreds of people packed in? Yep, it’s hot there, too. Both of those are places where some sort of moving air will make people happy, so why not put your logo on a handheld fan so that your logo is seen everywhere (often right at eye level.)

Phone Accessories

If every smartphone needed the same phone case, then custom phone cases would probably be the most popular item we sell. But since there are hundreds of different phones out there, handing out smartphone cases just doesn’t work.

Still, there are universal smartphone accessories that can be branded with your company name and logo. There are little stands so that they can prop it up at the table in front of them. Stylus keychains are quite popular because, well, everyone needs a keychain; why not also have a stylus for your phone? Earbuds are also a hot seller, because just about everyone will be using some sort of sound amplification throughout the day. (It doesn’t even have to be their primary pair, but as often as earbuds are lost, you’ll be a hero if yours becomes the backup pair). And every person who babies their phone wants to keep their screen clean. That’s where our microfiber cloths come in, something that everyone needs and always wants to have on hand.

Pens and mugs are still a great marketing tool, but those often get lost in the shuffle when every company is giving them out. Instead, grab a unique promotional tool from Blue Dog Graphics today!