6 Things That You Didn’t Know About Digital Printing

When most people think about the act of printing something, they tend to picture a digital printer. Digital printing is one of the most common forms of printing, and millions of people head to their local print shop on a daily basis to have items digitally printed for their latest project. Because digital printing is so common, it is extremely easy to think that you know everything that there is to know about digital printing — but in reality, there are a few things that most people still don’t know about this popular printing method.

In today’s blog post, your local provider of Hackensack printing services, Blue Dog Graphics, will be discussing a few of the lesser-known aspects of digital printing. And who knows, you might just learn something!

Digital Printing Involves No Contact

When most people think of printing, they think of it as a stamp — and while that might be true for some methods of printing, it is not the case for digital printing. In fact, there is very little contact that is involved in digital printing. Instead, digital printing utilizes inkjet nozzles that spray a predetermined amount of ink onto the piece of paper. Luckily, all of the logistics are determined by computer systems and their software.

Digital Is Not Always The Best Move

Sure, as we just said above, digital printing is most people’s go-to form of printing, but if you ask our printing professionals — it is not always the best form of printing for your project.  Sometimes when you are printing larger projects, need specifically refined color paths, or even if you are working with a specific type of file, other forms of printing could potentially be better. To find the best form of printing for your specific project, simply get in touch with your local print shop and ask.

They Can Be Made To Be Environmentally Friendly

When people think of printers, they usually don’t think of their ability to be environmentally friendly. If a print shop feels so inclined, they can switch their standard inks to a water-based blend —getting rid of the powders and coatings that are usually utilized. In fact, water-based inks can also lower printing costs. So the print shop can win, and so does the environment.

Digital Printing Is Not Always Fastest

Sure, when you have a quick page or two to print, digital printing can get the job done fast — but is it always the fastest option? Contrary to popular belief, offset printing can actually be much more efficient than digital printing when large printing jobs need to be completed. Once the offset plates are created, offset printing can tackle large jobs faster than digital printing.

Digital Printing Has No “Minimum Order”

Often times you will notice that a print shop advertises a minimum order size. Often times, this is only the case for printing methods like offset printing. Since digital printing does not involve comprehensive preparation, orders both large and small can be placed easily!

Digital Printing Is Flexible

Do you have a printing project that you need to be tweaked? If so, digital printing can help. Digital printing utilizes variable data and imaging to construct an image, meaning that the data can be tweaked to make minor variations in the image. Unlike other forms of printing, digital printing allows for the easy customization of the finished product.

Experience Is More Important Than The Printer

Sure, a nice printer is almost always required in order to print a quality product, but there are plenty of people with nice digital printers that are not fit to fulfill your order. In fact, an experienced print shop with an average digital printer can oftentimes do a better job than an inexperienced shop with top of the line equipment.

For Quality Digital Printing Services, Think Blue Dog Graphics

If you are looking for a proven print shop in the Hackensack area, we urge you to get in touch with us at Blue Dog Graphics. Offering printing services ranging from digital printing to offset printing to large format printing, we are prepared to tackle your next printing project — regardless of how big or small it might be. For a project estimate, or even to ask questions about our printing services, get in touch with us today!

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