If you have a retail business, it’s very likely that you experience quite an upswing around the holidays. Even if you don’t sell anything having to do with Christmas — like office supplies — people just get more in a shopping mood and are more likely to stop in and spend some money.

You might think to yourself, “Well, more customers are coming in. I guess there’s no need to advertise.” Of course, it just doesn’t work that way. This is the time of year that most business will actually increase their budget for advertising because they want to get people’s business before they head to the competition.
That’s why it’s important to see your local printer before we get too close to Black Friday. Here are some of the different types of printing services (and web services) you’re going to need with the holiday shopping season fast approaching.

Holiday Poster Printing

The posters and banners that might do for the rest of the year just won’t suffice during winter. Even stores that have a nationwide presence and have stores in Florida — think Bath and Body Works — will put some snow theme into their signage. Such images put people in a shopping mood, reminding them that there’s a gift-giving season coming up. So make sure that you have something festive in the store to keep customers in the shopping spirit.

Of course, some of those posters will work as custom decorations for your store. Other times you want to tell them about sales. That’s where you have to tell them about…

Black Friday or Small Business Saturday

People want to know if they’ll be needing to stop by your shop on Black Friday or Small Business Saturday. Will you be joining in and trying to woo people in with special deals? Or can they skip one but show up for the other? Either way, customers will want to know your intentions on your sales and when they should be shopping in your stores for the best deals.

Outdoor Banners

As a small business, you have to compete with the big guys. Unfortunately, the big guys have 50,000 square foot buildings and bright signs with letters 8-feet tall. How can you compete? The best way is with banner printing, which we can make just about any size you need. Our print shop can get you something that will help get a customer’s attention when they’re outside and far away from your store. This banners aren’t just great around the holidays but can also work year around if properly designed.

Website Stickers

When customers come to a website, they want it to change but not change too much. They still want to be able to navigate it, but it’s also a good idea to put something on it to tell them about upcoming holiday sales, or at least to let them know that you acknowledge that the holidays do exist. If your website is static all year long, it really makes customers (and Google rankings, for that matter) lose interest.

What can be done? See us for some updated web design so that you can draw people’s attention to any specials you might be running.

Your customers are ready to shop, but they want to know that you’re interested in selling. Simply having a shop and being open might seem like enough, but most customers want you to play your part in the holiday shopping season “game.” Your part is to decorate your shop, and they’ll be more likely to play the game with you. To get the best in color printing, contact Blue Dog Graphics today!