Every so often we like to take a look at what people are saying about us. After all, it’s only by listening to our customers that we’ve been able to stay in business for more than three decades. While we certainly listen when they talk to us face to face, it just makes sense for us to go online to go out in search of what they say once they’ve picked up their product from our print shop and have used it for a while. Some customers just need time to look back on the experience and discover what they really feel about it.

Let’s take a look at a few of the reviews we’ve received on Google Reviews.

“I tried them for my letterhead graphics, these guys are professional, they know their stuff and they are so creative in graphics. They gave me at least 7 choices to select the design.”

— J. Parshant

Thank for writing in with the kind words. While there certainly isn’t the demand for letterhead as there was back when we started, we’re proud to be able to offer that service to anyone who needs it.

We’re glad you liked the options we offered in regards to the design work we did. We do whatever we can to create logos and design options that will perfectly match the business at hand. Of course, it’s also important to listen to the customer about what they’re most interested in having their logo do and how they will use it. We always try to offer our customers as many options as possible.

Okay, time to move on to Daniela.

We own a deli and needed new t-shirts for our employees. Don was super helpful on the phone and walked me through the entire process. The shirts are the best quality we have ever received and are very comfortable. (Note: we have ordered these same brand t-shirts through another company previously and the shirts shrank, logos came off) They rush ordered our merchandise for us and we are very thankful. We also needed stickers for our gift basket company and Blue Dog helped put our sticker together and gave us wonderful suggestions. Their customer service is prompt, Don is very knowledgeable, and the company as a whole is wonderful. I HIGHLY recommend Blue Dog Graphics for whatever your printing needs may be.

— Daniela Competiello

Thanks for writing the review and letting us know what you really think, Daniela! We’re happy to work with you as well.

You seem to have run into a clothing problem that has driven many customers to our door: the dreaded low-quality custom t-shirt! You’re right, not only is the printing of low quality and prone to flaking, but the shirt itself will end up shrinking and making the logo look absolutely horrible. Do you really want someone walking into your shop and seeing shirts that are too small on employees, shirts with barely-readable company logos? No, you do not! Let’s just get it out there: most shirt printing companies online just aren’t worth working with. People see a market for printing services and t-shirt printing so they buy a cheap silkscreen and put up a website. While we respect the fact that every printing company has to start somewhere, most of these shirts are of such a low quality that most people notice serious fading after maybe five washes.

Blue Dog Graphics is happy to offer the best in high-quality shirt printing that won’t shrink and warp the logo. Like Daniela said, they can be quite comfortable! Also, thanks for noticing how quickly we worked. After the debacle you had with the online t-shirt company, you certainly don’t want to deal with the bad shirts anymore.

Okay, let’s see what Francisca has to say…

“It is always a pleasure doing Business with Blue Dog Graphics. No matter my crazy deadlines or no matter my company size, Blue Dog graphics always goes the extra mile to produce my projects, professionally, flawlessly and on time. Although we are a smaller-sized business, Don always gives us the care and attention as if we are a million dollar client – Throughout the years Blue Dog has earned my trust 100%.”

— Francisca Guaman

This is the second review we’ve responded to from Francisca, and it’s always nice to hear from her. It’s true, we treat every customer who walks in with all the respect we have. Some of our clients are the million dollar clients, while others are simply regular people who are looking for 10 custom t-shirts for a family reunion. Respect all around!

We’re going to single out a word that you used, Francisca: “flawlessly.” We absolutely love that word, because it packs so much in. It not only means that it was factually well made, but also that it was well made in your eyes and satisfied your needs. Everything we do is to make the product to appeal to our customers.

Okay, one more before we go:

“Both Chris and Elaine in the art department were very helpful with their recommendations.  I was able to do my business cards in full color for not much more money than I spent previously.”

— A Google User

Very glad you were so happy with our helpful staff. And while this might seem like a normal “we like your business” sort of thing, we’d like to focus on this point: you knew their names. Business cards are a relatively simple job for our print shop, one that you could get at some nameless company (much like the custom t-shirts that Daniela ordered up above). But with Blue Dog Graphics, you got such customized service that you ended up knowing the names of our designers! And for that, we’re pretty proud.

We understand why people are interested in trying out those rock-bottom prices you might find on the internet, but it seldom works out. As you can see from the customers above who wrote in, Blue Dog can provide the highest-quality printing services available that even the smallest business can afford. Find out what we can do for you!