Print Marketing Ideas Brought To You By Your Local Hackensack Print Shop

If you own a business in the Hackensack area you likely are always on the lookout for a new marketing strategy that can take your already successful business to the next step. You have probably tried a number of different digital techniques that are doing a great job, but you could always supplement the marketing campaigns that you already have in place with some extra guerilla marketing strategies.

If you haven’t already figured it out, we are talking about print marketing — something that we are more than qualified to speak to. In today’s blog post, Blue Dog Graphics, your source for printing services in Hackensack, will be discussing a few of our favorite print marketing techniques that could prove beneficial to your brand awareness!

Business Cards

Well, you probably saw this one coming. In fact, you probably already have business cards — but are they cutting it? At Blue Dog Graphics we have designed a large number of business cards ranging from simple one-color cards to cards with multiple colors and tones — so we have a pretty good idea of what works. In fact, one of our favorite new emerging business card trends doesn’t even have color at all (or very much, that is).

One of the most interesting, and proven to be effective, business card design trends is to print them on a clear laminate with floating boxes of information. In doing so, you are not only setting yourself apart from others, but you are also proving to the consumer that your company is not messing around and goes straight to the point (plus it just looks pretty cool). If you are looking to revamp your business cards, get in touch with our team of digital printing specialists!

Innovative Brochure Mailers

Yes, we know, mail marketing seems to be one of the most primitive forms of marketing, but in reality, they are actually still quite effective if done correctly. How can you make an effective mail brochure? Well, the secret is to get creative and make it stand out from the rest. Think about including graduated pages that show what kind of content might be found on each page — allowing people to get straight to the information you want them to receive rather than aimlessly thumbing through the information.

Additionally, if you have a niche industry, consider making the brochure in a way so that it can resemble the product or service that you offer. For example, if you are a soccer ball manufacturer, consider making the brochure in the shape of a soccer ball so customers have an idea about what you do before they even open the pamphlet. If you are unsure of how you could integrate a brochure design within your marketing strategy, contact our print shop and ask to speak with a member of our graphic design team.

Whatever You Do, Stay Creative!

There are literally hundreds of ways that you could utilize print marketing to supplement your digital marketing strategies, and Blue Dog Graphics would be happy to work with you on any of them. Additionally, you don’t have to think small — you can think big too! Consider making a banner and having us print it with our large format printing machines. Maybe scale it down a bit and make posters for our poster printing professionals to create. Heck, maybe even design a calendar for us to digitally print for you. The options are endless.

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