Even though you’ve probably been seeing Christmas and other holiday decorations in the stores since before Halloween, the arrival of November most likely finally made you realize that, yes, the holiday season is fast approaching. Before long you’ll be overloaded with kids’ concerts, holiday parties, and company get-togethers that fill up just about every night of the weeks to come. Here are some reasons to get those holiday cards ordered, and ordered as soon as possible.

It Keeps You In People’s Lives

There’s no doubt that many of the people in your lives are keeping up with you via Facebook, and they probably know how big the kids are getting. But what about those who aren’t on Facebook, those (often elderly relatives) who might only get to see a picture of your kids once a year via the holiday card? Put a year in review letter together and you’ll really keep everyone in the loop.

For all of your friends, whether they’re on Facebook or not, the holidays might be the only time they get a physical copy of a picture to put on the fridge or with all of their other holiday cards. You want to be part of their Christmas card collection, don’t you?

You Don’t Have To Deal With School Photos

It used to be that school photos were cheap and personalized holiday card printing was expensive. People would get a bunch of school photos and put them in store-bought cards. But have you seen the insane prices of school photos nowadays? With customized cards getting cheaper and cheaper over the years, it actually makes more sense to send out a holiday-themed picture with all your kids instead and forget about the insane prices of school photos.

It’s Exciting

If you’ve ever ordered customized holiday cards before, you know just how exciting it is when they get to your home and you open the box. It’s like an early gift for the holidays.

Even though you saw the card as you were designing it, there’s just something about holding them in your hand and knowing how excited your friends and relatives will be to get them in the mail.

It’s Something You’ll Want To Keep

Whenever you’re ordering customized Christmas cards, always make sure to order an extra. The designs are so beautiful and festive, and your family looking so nice in the picture, that it’s something that you’re going to want to keep a copy of for yourself. That’s certainly not true of other non-customized cards you’ve sent out over the years.

You’re Already Running Out of Time

Sorry to tell you this, but you really need to get on it! With so much coming up in December, you’re not going to have time to put those cards together in time. And if you do finally get around to it, you’re not putting the time and effort into it you want, just choosing “that’ll do” instead of “that’s exactly what I want!”

If you’re ready to get started with your customized holiday cards (and we hope you are), click right here!