Traditionally families across the country get together to take a family picture and send it off to their loved ones — blissfully thinking that everyone that they send it to will hang it on their refrigerators. While yes, we are sure that you have a beautiful little family, you are thinking about sending off a “Happy holidays” card much too late. Luckily, you can always send a “Happy New Year” card instead.

At Blue Dog Printing in Hackensack, New Jersey we offer a variety of printing services, but there is no doubt that during the winter months holiday cards and New Year cards are the most common printing job that we find ourselves fulfilling. In today’s blog, we will be discussing a few of our favorite New Years card ideas so that you can make a printing order to our Hackensack print shop before you miss New Year’s too!


When you are sending a New Year card to your friends, families, and old college roommate that you never talk to anymore, there are a couple of different routes that you can take — and where you are in life might dictate what kind of card that you order from our print shop. Among our favorites are the generic cards that we sell online, the family photo, and the “look at our new baby, it is the cutest baby that has ever lived” card that new parents like to send out. But whether you choose a generic stock card from our online store or have us print you a custom family photo card (and yes, we haven’t forgotten the baby card — we will do that too), the simple fact of the matter is that the message is the most important part. Continue reading to hear a couple of our favorites.

The Greeting

Arguably the most generic and thoughtless of all holiday card messages is the “seasons greetings” card — and trust us when we say that the New Year greeting card is just as boring. If your idea of a good New Year card is one that says something along the lines of “out with the old, in with the new,” “let’s look back at the past year, but look forward to the next,” or anything along the lines of that — we urge you to not get your hopes up about making it on to your recipient’s refrigerator. You will only be as disappointed as they are with your ability to choose a card. Instead, consider picking a card like…

The Joke/Pun

If you want to make a mark on people with your New Year card, you have to make them laugh, smile, or even chuckle. That being said, you have to choose a rather neutral tone, because your grandmother is going to get the same card that you send your best friend who has seen you do questionable things — and trust us when we say grandma won’t appreciate a card that says “here’s to the year we won’t remember, and here’s to the one we will probably forget!” Instead, consider a card that is more balanced. A card like “Happy New Year! To another year of pretending that we will start our resolution next week!”

Regardless Of Your Message, Let Us Print It!

Whether you are in a time crunch and go with the generic New Year card, or are looking to get a laugh out of your friends and family members, Blue Dog Graphics is here to help you get your cards printed quickly so that you can avoid sending your cards out late. There is only one catch! You have to come to visit us soon!

So what are you waiting for? This is time sensitive! Contact us today or stop by our Hackensack print shop.

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