Every so often we head out on the web to take a look at the reviews that our customers have written about our print shop. After all, customers might say “thank you” when they pick up their digital printing or copied blueprints from us, but they’ll often wait until later to express their true feelings in a formal review. While we’ve fixed a few spelling mistakes in these reviews, they are in fact actual reviews from our clients. In fact, we fix a lot of spelling mistakes, as you can see from this first review…

“The crew at Blue Dog was very professional. They made some great suggestions that saved me some money but more important made my brochure look even better than I imagined. They found a few errors that I made and pointed them out to me, which showed me that they cared and were not in a rush to get rid of me. I know sometimes I can be a real pain and very demanding. They were great!”

— Ellis

Thanks for the kind words, Ellis. We hire people based not only on their talent but also on how well they can interact with and work with customers. And even if some customers are harder to working with than others (we’re not saying you’re one of them!), we know how important it is to bring customers back again and again. The small business of today could be a big business of tomorrow, so we treat everyone with extra respect.

We know that the print job we do reflects on our customers but also on us. If we see an error, whether it’s a spelling error or a graphical one, we’re going inform the customer and fix it (or help the customer fix it) because we want them to walk away with the best flyer printing, custom t-shirts, or legal copies around.

Okay, time to hear from Francisca…

The staff at Blue Dog Graphics are very friendly and more importantly very knowledgeable. They have often made very good suggestions that have improved the look of postcards they print for me. Some of these suggestions have also saved my company money. What can I say but THANK YOU BLUE DOG!

— Francisca

Glad to be able to help, Francisca. Much like we talked about with Ellis, we’re always willing and able to take what customers bring us and make it better. Now if someone comes to us and says “this is exactly what I want, print it as-is,” we can do that. But more often than not we’re going to note any problems and help the customer fix it. Sure, we know design, but we also know our equipment and the best way to get the best printing job from them. It’s always important to take the way inks are laid down into account.

Regarding saving you money, that’s something we do for customers every day. While we’re certainly in business to make money, we also don’t want our customers paying too much or wasting their money. Taking advantage of customers is one way to make sure they don’t stay customers for long, so we make sure to treat them right every time.

“Print shop saved me!”

We have to admit, we’re not exactly sure what situation we addressed for this anonymous reviewer. Was it money we saved them? Maybe they brought in a file that wouldn’t quite work or we fixed something in the design? It could have been something as simple as fixing the date on a postcard.

More than likely, though, it sounds like we helped them with a time crunch. Not everyone can give us two week’s notice to handle their print project, so we’ll do what we can to work with those who are requiring rush work.

When it come to local print shops, we’re going to work the hardest to make our customers happy, and we think that our reviews reflect that. The next time these reviewers need printing services, we’re pretty sure they’ll be stopping by.