Looking back over the blogs from the past couple of months, it’s been awhile since we took a look at our customer reviews and respond to them. Today we’re going to pull out some of our favorites to discover what customers are saying about us and how our print shop can get even better.

“Very helpful and friendly. Their artist redesigned my brochure and made it look professional”

That’s what we’re here for! When we design something in our graphics design department, we want to make it look as good as possible. That means that you’re going to look good and get more business. It also means that we look good, because word gets around Hackensack about who has the best designs.

Speaking of design, we’re pleased that you were so happy with your brochure. We have customers like you coming in all the time looking to upgrade their materials. Sometimes the customer designed it themselves with on online desktop publishing software. Other times the brochure is old and is starting to look it; fonts, styles, and pictures look dated. We can bring your flyer, web site, posters, and everything else you have up to date so that your marketing materials look as good as the biggest companies out there.

“Every time I’ve dealt with Blue Dog Graphics, I’ve left satisfied with the end results. They are extremely thorough, from design to the press work. Also, Blue Dog Graphics seems to thrive whenever I have a rush order, which is usual. I would give my utmost recommendation.”

Stop, you’re making us blush! (Our cheeks are turning Pantone #1926.) We strive to make every customer who walks through our door (or sends in a file) as satisfied as possible. That means listening to their wants, guiding them as necessary, and providing them with the best design available. It also means wowing with the latest in printing methods from our print shop so that everything looks as good as it possibly can.

Regarding rush orders, we’re glad that you were happy with the final results. We certainly don’t suggest that everyone try it — rush fees, you know— but we’re happy that we’re able to accommodate when the need arises.

“They staff at Blue Dog graphics saved me when another print shop messed up my brochure. They redid the artwork — correctly and had their pressman print it in time for the trade show I went to.”

Happy to help! While we certainly don’t wish ill on our competition, we’re more than happy to deal with any problems you bring our way. Once the printing industry was complex because of the machinery involved. Today the machines are even more complex, and you have to add the problems that go on with electronic files such as missing fonts and image incompatibility. We have a lot of experience working with both sides of the printing process and will do what we can to make sure that your projects come out the way you want them.

The fact is, we’re here to serve the communities of Hackensack and beyond, providing businesses and individuals with the best small- and large-format printing available. If you want to see what we can do, we’d love to show you! Contact Blue Dog Graphics today!