When it comes to giveaways, few of them have been around longer than the good ol’ metal button. We’re talking about those pinback buttons that come in all sizes but are usually about 2” in diameter. These buttons have been around for more than 200 years and were one of the first ways that politicians were able to give the public something so that they could show their support. These buttons have been working for centuries and they still work today, whether you’re in politics or not!

You might think that buttons are passé, but the fact is that they can still play an important role in a company’s promotional materials. Let’s take a look at the ways in which these buttons work.

People Will Wear Them The Day They Get Them

You might wonder if buttons are really worth it. Let’s say you’re at a parade and are passing out buttons; will people really wear them for more than just that day?

To be honest, it doesn’t matter. As cheap as custom-printed buttons are, all that matters is that people stick them on their shirts for that day. If they walk around downtown after a parade and are wearing your button, they’re advertising for you every minute they’re there. If a few people wear them, then people start to wonder what the buttons are about and take a closer look.

People Don’t Pitch Them

It’s difficult for someone to throw away something that’s three dimensional. Hand them a flyer and they might toss it directly into the recycling bin, but give them a button and they’ll toss it into their desk drawer (kids are especially apt to keep anything you give them, even if it’s a button for insurance they won’t be needing for decades!). When people keep things around, they bump into them periodically, which means that your business’ name gets in front of them again and again.

Buttons Keep Coming Back Into Style

We admit, public interest in buttons as a fashion statement comes and goes. There was a surge in button interest back when we started Blue Dog Graphics back in 1984, and people might wear more than one on their shirts in order to show what they were interested in. They might wear a Ghostbusters, Rainbow Brite, or Alf button.

Today, buttons show up much more on people’s backpacks or bags. Most often it’s for their favorite band. Even stranger, it could be for something they have absolutely no interest in, just to be ironic…and that could be your button! Since buttons don’t have to be removed from bags every night like they do from clothes, those buttons tend to get a lot of public exposure.

But They Need To Be Well Designed

Buttons might be worn on the day a potential customer receives it, but you can’t count on them wearing it again out in public. And while it would be nice if everyone wore your button ironically, you can’t count on that either. But if you make use of our graphic design services and have them create something truly cool-looking for your business, someone could wear it again and again.

If you’re a fan of custom pin-backed buttons and think they might be good for your business, contact us and we can get you ready for that next giveaway.