The results you get with professional printing services has held strong even in the digital age. While so much of marketing of today is found online, there are times when handing someone something physical is the best option, whether it’s a business card, brochure, or flyer.

Sound strange? While there’s no doubt that more marketing dollars are going to digital marketing than ever before, physical printing is the perfect media for some circumstance. Let’s take a look at how a simple color flyer can beat all the bits on the internet.

What Do You Hand Them?

When you meet someone who might be interested in your products or services, what’s the easiest way to get your information to them? You could say “yeah, remember my website name. It’s” The fact is, they’re going to forget some part of that address. You could say “hey, get out your phone and type in this address. Go on, I’ll wait.” And then they awkwardly get their phone out and type it in, only to get it wrong a few times. And you’re both standing there awkwardly as your potential customer tries to find you on the web, while you’re lamenting the fact that (something that they could actually remember) was taken. Once they do find you, that address is often gone with their next Google search. If you’re at a networking event, expect to go through that process 20 times in the next hour.

Now imagine you take a more traditional approach: business cards. Not only does it have your website name, but it’s a three-second interaction to get your card into their hand. Instead of spending all that time trying to get them to your site, you could spend that time actually talking about your business! Also, if they get interrupted during your conversation, you’ve still made your impression on them.

Yes, your website is still incredibly important, and that’s why we offer web services. But it’s not going to do any good if someone never gets there because they have already forgotten your address.

What You Hand Them Sticks Around Their House or Office

Long after someone has forgotten your web address (even if it’s simple to remember), what you’ve handed them will still be in their lives. Maybe it’s a flyer, maybe it’s a brochure, and maybe it’s the tried-and-true business card. No matter why you’ve come to us for printing services, what you give them will end up on their desk, constantly remind them that they’re supposed to do something with it. You’ve not only handed them information, you’ve handed them a way to get even more information. Even if it takes them months to make a decision, it’s likely that they’re confronted with it every time they go through their “pile of stuff.”

Consider How Tech Savvy They Are

In some cases, every person you interact with is going to be tech savvy. But what about types of business, such as dentists offices, who are dealing with people of every age. Not all of them have cell phones, let alone smart phones, and they’re much more likely to pick up a flyer about gum disease instead of visiting a website about it.

Professional printing services is a great way to make sure that people aren’t going to forget your product or service the second they’ve walked away from you. Talk to us and we can get you the best in the Hackensack area.