When you’re looking to put your best foot forward, color printing is the best option 99 percent of the time. Unless you’re printing a flyer for a black and white photography exhibit, it’s best to use color (and even then, a pop of color can still add something to even the starkest images).

If you’re wondering why you should go with color flyer printing, even if it’s a bit more expensive. Here are a few reasons.

B+W Looks Cheap

There’s nothing wrong with old black and white films. It was the only way to make films until the mid-1930’s, and they certainly made the most of it with their lighting and contrast. But today, people expect their films to be in color unless there’s some artistic reason behind it.

Similarly, there was nothing wrong with black and white flyers. People were simply using what was available to them at the time, when a local print shop could make you black and whites inexpensively or charge ten times more for color. Black and white was all there was, so flyer printing, zine printing, business cards, and just about anything you’d get from a business was in black and white.

But after so long, the price of color copies and printing came down…way down! And once that happened, it was suddenly the default instead of black and white. When that happened, black and white looked cheaper than cheap, so much so that b/w printing can actually create a negative opinion of a business when it comes to flyer printing.

Color Adds Life

Again, there can be reasons to print in black and white, and it often has to do with art exhibits. In a black and white photo, background colors might distract from the subject at hand. In this way, black and white simply makes sense.

But there’s no denying that life is in color. And that makes a product or service more real. If you’re offering a product, people will be able to see it as it will actually exist when it’s in their hands. If you’re offering a service, the people in your flyer will look more lifelike and inviting. Color flyer printing simply gives people a better idea of what they’re actually going to get. That’s especially important when it comes to…

Direct Comparison

If there’s anyone in your town offering the same services as you, it’s never a good idea to take the cheap route when it comes to flyer printing. People might be comparison shopping for insurance, chiropractic care, or an untold number of services, and if your flyer is in black and white while theirs is in color, they have a distinct advantage. The same holds true for your web design. Whether it’s fair or not, people are judging your business on how good your website looks.

The fact is, paying for professional printing services offers you an advantage, no matter what business you’re in. People expect color printing, and handing it to them or having it out on your counter is a great way to get them to take your information home. We love talking about color printing, so make sure to contact us with any questions.