The word “blueprints” gets thrown around a lot. People talk about the blueprints of their vacation, such as where they’ll be staying on each day. Managers might call their plans for reorganizing the department their blueprints. Screenplays are sometimes called the blueprints of movies.

While we can copy a screenplay or get you some custom t-shirts, those are completely different from the actual blueprint printing and copying services that we provide. We handle the actual blueprints of the world, and we know how important quality is when it comes to a construction project.

Are The Blueprints Important?

Obviously they are. While digital files are helpful at the planning stages, actual blueprints are still important on job sites. While a tablet might be as portable as a set of blueprints, it’s still exponentially easier to carry around 30” blueprints on paper than to transport a 30” monitor!

Because they are detailing the skeleton of a building, it’s obvious why it’s absolutely imperative that they are printed or copied in the highest, most-readable resolution possible. You can’t afford to have the “3”s and “9”s blurring and becoming “8”s, because that’s going to be a whole different building that won’t stand on its own! Avoid costly mistakes by making sure that the blueprints are of the highest quality.

The Speed

One thing we pride ourselves on here at Blue Dog Graphics is our speed. We realize that there are few places where the phrase “time is money” is more accurate than on a jobsite, where you’re paying workers whether they have something to do or not and where one part of the construction can’t start until the previous part is finished.

That’s why we have honed our blueprint copying and printing services over the decades so that we’re providing speed and high quality. In most cases we’ll be able to turn around blueprint printing on the same day we receive the files, because we know how important it is to your project.

The Variety

Blueprints don’t have to be blue. Over a century ago they had to be blue because blueprints were an elementary form of photocopying, but today they can be any color you want. We can provide you with actual blueprints, black and white versions, or full-color prints that make everything even easier to differentiate.

Everything Else

When it comes to everything a contractor needs to get the job done, we know it goes far beyond blueprints. There are bound proposals to the client, permits that need to be photocopied, and even the banners that will go on-site to identify the builder or what the building will be. Blue Dog Graphics is the print shop for all of those odds and ends printing services.

No matter what you need us for, we’re the professional printers who will deliver the quality and speed you’re looking for. Contact Blue Dog right here!