Often times people see t-shirt design as a simple “pick a logo” and “pick a t-shirt” process when in reality it is much more complex — especially if you are designing the shirts with the intent to use them in a professional capacity.

Here at Blue Dog Graphics, we specialize in bringing the art of t-shirt printing to Hackensack, NJ — so why not let us help you develop your ideas? If you already have a design in mind and would simply like to explore tour printing options, we hope that you come to visit us. If you have no idea what you want or need in a t-shirt we think today’s blog post will be perfect for you. Continue reading to learn more about how to start the t-shirt design process!

Ask Yourself Why You Need A Shirt

Before you can even begin to start thinking about the design process, you need to figure out why YOU need a shirt. Is it going to be as a casual employee uniform? Is it for a work retreat that is coming up? Is it to be given out at an event as a promotional tool? Each event might dictate a different direction for your t-shirt design. If you are unsure of what designs work best for different events, we urge you to come to visit us and ask our experienced team of t-shirt printers in Hackensack, NJ.

How Many Do You Want? Build A Budget

The second consideration that you should make (and not continue until you have figured it out) is the number of t-shirts you need/require. There are many different options that could have an impact on the price per quantity. Color, material, sizing, and other considerations will all factor into the process that you can get. An excellent tool for choosing what you can afford is our Blue Dog Graphics shirt catalog. In our store, you can check out all of the shirts that we offer, as well as how much each quantity would cost.

Roughly Sketch Your Design

Once you have determined the number of t-shirts that you will need, you can begin to move towards designing your shirt. Do you want it to have a hand-drawn feel? Or do you want it to have crisp lines? Heck, you might even want it to be abstract!

The most important considerations that you should have during the design process is the “busyness” of the design that you choose. If it is too distracting, it may distract the viewer from the point that you are trying to communicate.

Lastly, Reach Out To A Professional

Once you have considered why you need shirts made, how many that you need to be made, and what design you would like the shirts to feature, it is time to contact your local professionals at Blue Dog Graphics in Hackensack, NJ. Our team of professional custom t-shirt specialists can not only print your shirts, but they can also help you with the design.

At Blue Dog Graphics we offer something that few other t-shirt printing shops can offer — in-house graphic designers. If you have a rudimentary draft of the design you want, come to talk to them! Contact us today to inquire further about our custom t-shirts and t-shirt printing services.

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