1. What People Have to Say About Our Copy Center In Hackensack

    What People Have to Say About Our Copy Center In Hackensack

    At Blue Dog Graphics, we love working with our local Hackensack community to create vibrant prints and copies — heck, we even love making black and white copies as well. Because we enjoy working with our community, we care a great deal what our community has to say about us. In today’s blog post, your local copy center and print shop is going to discuss what our customers have to say about us …Read More

  2. Businesses That Can Benefit From Large Format Printing

    Large format printing is something that most people will use a couple of times in their life. Typically, people tend to outsource their printing needs to companies, like ours, that offer printing services in Hackensack, only needing a project completed every year or so. On the other hand, there are companies that use or require, large format printing often, increasing the likelihood that they will…Read More

  3. Why You Might Need Help From Our Copy Center In Hackensack

    We live in an age of technology, with practically anything we need being available at the tips of your fingers. While we have access to almost anything that we need — whenever we need it — there are certain things that our personal home-technologies still can’t handle. One of those things is large-scale copying. While in-home personal printers are often equipped with scanners and copiers the…Read More

  4. Blue Dog Graphics, Your Home For Copies And Large-Scale Printing

    At Blue Dog Graphics, we offer a multitude of services — with some of the better-known being t-shirt printing, graphic design, web design, legal copy services, general printing services, copy services and invitation cards — but we do more than just that here in Hackensack. The most overlooked services that we offer are our large-scale printing and copy services, where we can duplicate or produ…Read More

  5. Why You Want The Best Blueprint Printing and Copying Possible

    The word “blueprints” gets thrown around a lot. People talk about the blueprints of their vacation, such as where they’ll be staying on each day. Managers might call their plans for reorganizing the department their blueprints. Screenplays are sometimes called the blueprints of movies. While we can copy a screenplay or get you some custom t-shirts, those are completely different from the act…Read More

  6. A Short History of the Photocopiers We Use In Our Copy Shop

    There are many types of printing in the world, and we have quite a few of them here at our copy shop! The primary method we use is offset printing, where the ink is rolled against the paper. Offset printing produces the highest quality and is mostly used for large orders. But we also do a lot of photocopying, a process that has an interesting history. That’s what we’re going to take a look at …Read More

  7. Your Idea Of A Copy Center Probably Underestimates What We Can Do!

    There are many reasons why Netflix is doing so well, but one reason is that the name didn’t fence it in when its business models changed from postal delivery to streaming on the web. It wasn’t “DVDsByMail.com” or “MailboxMovies.com.” Their name is as relative now as the day it shipped its first DVD by USPS. It’s a similar situation here at Blue Dog Graphics. We didn’t call ourselve…Read More

  8. Our Legal Copy Service Makes Sure It ALL Gets Duplicated

      The copying of legal documents is a much trickier job than many people realize. Documents won’t just come on 8 ½ X 11” sheets of paper. They won’t even all come on legal-size paper! Photographs need to be copied, blueprints have to be duplicated, and CDs and DVDs have to be copies so that everyone who needs them gets their hands on a copy. If you’re in the legal profession and need cop…Read More

  9. Copy Services Require Exact Precision

      When most people think of “copying” their first thought is often of  their all-in-one printer at home or the copy machine at their office. But when you need the highest quality in copy services with no room for error, it’s best to take advantage of a professional copy center that’s right in your Hackensack backyard. Legal Copying - Legal copying is a tricky business. First of all, conf…Read More