1. Things To Consider As You Design Shirts For Your Business

    Often times people see t-shirt design as a simple “pick a logo” and “pick a t-shirt” process when in reality it is much more complex — especially if you are designing the shirts with the intent to use them in a professional capacity. Here at Blue Dog Graphics, we specialize in bringing the art of t-shirt printing to Hackensack, NJ — so why not let us help you develop your ideas? If you…Read More

  2. Five Things To Keep In Mind As Your Design Your T-Shirt

    As your local source of t-shirt printing in Hackensack, we here at Blue Dog Graphics know a thing or two about t-shirt printing and design. Because of that, we thought we would share a couple of the things that we found to be the most important considerations when you are designing your custom t-shirts. Regardless of the reason that you are designing a custom t-shirt, you want it to look good. Whe…Read More

  3. T-Shirt Printing Tips

    There are a number of reasons that you might be interested in printing t-shirts in the Hackensack area. You might be a business owner that needs some cheap, yet aesthetically appealing work uniforms for your employees. You could be in a corporate management position and are coordinating a team-building employee retreat that mandates commemorative shirts. You could be a new club in town that needs …Read More

  4. Blue Dog Graphics And Summer Camp Swag

    Most people can look back to their childhood and remember simpler times. The school bell rang signaling summer, therefore initiating the countdown until the day that you get to leave for summer camp. Sure, you were likely excited to be able to spend time doing things with others, meeting new people, and experiencing something new, but who knew you would get some free swag from camp? Camps often pr…Read More

  5. T-Shirt Printers: Tips For Designing Company T-Shirts

    As we have talked about in one of our last blogs, t-shirts are an extremely beneficial form of marketing for a business, as it spreads your logo and name across town, building brand recognition for your company. As t-shirt printers, we have seen firsthand what a company t-shirt can do, and we would love to share that with yours. Today our printing company, Blue Dog Graphics, is going to discuss th…Read More

  6. Make custom tshirts this summer

    Five Reasons To Make Custom T-Shirts This Summer

    When the snow melts and the air becomes warmer, everyone knows that summertime has begun. Something that we love about summer here at Blue Dog Graphics, and something that we think most people would agree on, is that you get to ditch the parka for a comfortable t-shirt. T-shirts are incredibly comfortable and versatile, making them ideal for summer use, so why not try something new and design your…Read More

  7. How Custom T-Shirts Can Benefit Your Business or Organization

    T-shirts are a true American symbol… a symbol of comfort, freedom, creativity, and more comfort! Not only is the t-shirt a symbol, but they can also be used for various activities such as marketing, customer satisfaction, retail sales, and events. While people may disagree with our last statement regarding the effectiveness of t-shirts, we would be willing to bet they own more than a couple t-sh…Read More

  8. How Printing Services Can Keep Your Employees Happy

    We don’t have to tell you that it costs a lot of time and money to hire a new employee. And with most people today staying in a job for less than five years, the chances that you’ll have to spend those resources are more likely than ever. That’s why you need to do whatever you can to keep your employees happy. Some companies can offer matching 401ks and top-tier health plans paid at 100%. Bu…Read More

  9. What To Look For In Shirt Printing And Other Giveaways

    When you look around your home, there’s a good chance that you’ll find quite a bit of marketing hiding right under you nose. And we’re not just talking about the Coca-Cola glasses or the logo that lights up when you turns your TV on. We’re talking about all of those freebies you’ve gotten over the years: the magnet calendar on the fridge that came from your real estate agent, the pens yo…Read More

  10. Employees Love Custom Printed T-Shirts and Other Swag!

      Employees like raises, employees like more vacation...but those things can put a strain on a small business’ bottom line. When you can’t give employees the big things they want, why not give them something else they crave: appreciation. One of the best ways to show employees appreciation (besides kind words, of course) is to give them swag. And by swag we mean company-branded good stuff, li…Read More