1. Interesting Marketing Giveaways That You Might Never Have Thought Of

    When you think of marketing giveaways for a business, what do you think of? The first thing that comes to most people’s minds are custom t-shirts, because we’ve all done our share of “I’ve never heard of that business before, and that guy’s wearing their logo” experiences. The next most common types of business promotional items would be pens, lip balm, coffee mugs, lanyards...just abo…Read More

  2. Entice Customers Old and New With Blue Dog’s Design Services

    Who are you trying to entice with your design? It’s a question that not enough businesses ask themselves. Poster printing, custom t-shirts, and everything else you’ll find at a print shop can be colorful and look good to you, but if it isn’t enticing to your customers then there’s really no need to have it at all. That’s where our design services come in. Blue Dog Graphics would love to …Read More

  3. Good Signs and Good Design: Why The Right Printshop Matters

    If you have a retail business, you might think that the only marketing you have to do is on the web. After all, isn’t that where most marketing dollars go today? Well, if that were the case there’d be no billboards, no newspapers, no magazines, no flyers, and no store signage. Make no mistake, the need for printed material is alive and well. Our printshop is ready to improve your design across…Read More

  4. If Your Company Design Needs An Upgrade, Blue Dog’s Design Team Can Help

    In our previous blog we told you all about three different ways that your design can subtly tell your customers that you’re out of date. The fonts and colors you use can be a turnoff to many customers, even if they can’t articulate it. And using old stock images can be a surefire way to tell everyone who looks at your marketing materials that you haven’t spent the time or money to hire a pro…Read More

  5. Our Print Shop Offers The Best In Digital Design

    Are you thinking of doing your own design for your business? If so, you might want to think about getting a second opinion. After all, design isn’t something to be messed with. People Notice Bad Design Poor design is something that people notice. Even worse, it’s something that can be mocked. If your poster, flyer, banner, website, or sign is poorly designed, it can actively make people distru…Read More