1. Interesting Printing Methods Presented By Your Hackensack Print Shop

    In a world where printing 200 copies of a missing pet poster is as easy as quickly stopping by our Hackensack print shop, it can be hard to remember that there are other forms of printing besides offset printing and digital printing. While some forms of printing simply do not have a lot to do with paper, and others have been phased out by technological advances, there are still a lot of cool and i…Read More

  2. Things To Consider As You Design Shirts For Your Business

    Often times people see t-shirt design as a simple “pick a logo” and “pick a t-shirt” process when in reality it is much more complex — especially if you are designing the shirts with the intent to use them in a professional capacity. Here at Blue Dog Graphics, we specialize in bringing the art of t-shirt printing to Hackensack, NJ — so why not let us help you develop your ideas? If you…Read More